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I am a Petroleum Landman, which has worked in multiple Counties in Oklahoma and Kansas, over the past five years.  One of the most efficient Counties I have spent extended periods of time in, is Payne, County.  The Staff at Payne, County is very courteous and helpful with a great number of improvements that have been implemented by County Clerk Glena Craig, to be effective for the general public and its access to public records, from continuing to educate her employees, on new technology.  It has not been my experience to find currant miss filed documents, however when I have found mistaken filed documents from previous years and apparently previous County Clerk’s administration.  This Clerks office and its employees would efficiently correct those mistakes.  All & All if I live in Payne, County I would prefer to have Glena Craig as the County Clerk.  She is definitely an asset to the County.  The general public has benefited greatly by having her as the County Clerk.

P.S. I would appreciate you passing this on to your readers.

Thank you.

-Don Miers

Letter to the Editor:

We have worked with the Payne County Clerk’s office for years.  Glenna Craig, county clerk has done an exceptional job at resolving several issues we have encountered dealing with Payne County district #1 and #3.

Glenna, along with her staff has gone well above the call of duty to help us with collections, tickets, and bids.

Glenna and her staff is always friendly and a pleasure to work with. If I have questions concerning bids or payments I can call Glenna’s office and they will direct me to the department that is able to answer the questions I have.

Glenna Craig has fulfilled her duties as Payne County Clerk and hopefully she will be elected into another term.

-Lee Barrows

Stewart Stone, Inc.

Letter to Editor (Cushing Citizen)
Sounding Board
Supporting Craig as County Clerk

Residents of Payne County: You should be proud of your count clerk, Glenna Craig, and her staff.

I have been traveling to courthouses throughout the state of Oklahoma for 11 years doing title research for the oil and gas industry.  Her staff is always friendly and courteous, not only to oil and gas researchers but also to the residents of Payne County that come into the office with questions.

The Staff is very efficient in getting documents recorded and put on the computer for public viewing.  The efficiency that her staff is able to sustain is one of the best in the state that I have seen.

It says a lot about the voters of Payne County that they elected such a great county clerk.

-Kelly Rother

I often travel for work; my work takes me to many courthouses across Oklahoma and many other states.  I would like to take a minute to bring attention to the Payne County Clerk and its employees.  They, without a doubt, make my job easy and pleasant as they are always available to help with any kind of question, should the person you are talking to not be 100% certain of the answer they will find someone who does.  It is quite common to find mistakes in old records in any courthouse you go to, many happened long before anyone currently working took the position.  While many places seem inconvenienced if you bring this to their attention, Payne County is all too happy to make sure their records are quickly corrected, always striving to have the most accurate records possible. The office is always an inviting space, clean, organized and seems to run with a great deal of efficiency.  I very much appreciate the job Glenna Craig and her staff does as it always makes Payne County a very pleasant experience.

-M.K. Cruz-Long

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to address my personal experience with Glenna Craig as Payne County Clerk.

Due to the nature of my profession, I have worked in more than 60 county courthouses in five states. I can reliably say what constitutes a public friendly courthouse and what does not. Glenna has created a very friendly atmosphere that is above the norm for county clerk offices. This may not be as easily recognizable unless you have been in clerk offices that are not that way. When the staff in the clerk office greets you when you walk in (and I will take the opportunity to say Glenna’s staff is top notch at this), you at least feel welcome to be there and feel comfortable and reassured that you will get the help you need. There are those county clerk offices where the clerk and the staff give you the feeling by their attitude, behavior, comments and lack of helpfulness that they would just assume you not be there. You are made to understand, either expressed or implied, that you will work on their terms and time frame and not on your terms or time frame. This is no exaggeration.  Friendliness and professionalism are rarer than one might think. Glenna Craig has insured that herself and her staff in the Payne County Clerk office are both. I personally experience it every time I walk through their door, which is often.

As a recorder of public instruments, one of the most important aspects of the county clerk office is accuracy when filing instruments. When checking records and, subsequently, chaining the title of the records that you checked, the correct filing of the instruments by the clerk office is of utmost importance. For one, miss indexed instruments resulting in stray deeds is one reason for “gaps” in title. Two, in a legal sense, incorrectly filed instruments may not constitute constructive notice. Both of these issues are important when it comes to the correct handling of your real property. This point cannot be overstated. I make this point to say that there are counties where a title examiner must check the index records at one or more abstract companies in addition to the index records of the county clerk office to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the records they have examined. This does not happen in Payne County. The records are accurate and reliable. From a public records stance, the residents of Payne County have a jewel in the form of our current County Clerk, Glenna Craig.

Finally, believe it or not, the physical arrangement and easily accessible records are also the sign of a well-run county clerk office. The physical arrangement of the deed books and the numerous public terminals is, again, much better in the Payne County Clerk office than numerous other county clerk offices. It is not unusual for the deed books to be located in multiple locations within a courthouse, as I’ve seen up to three places or more in which other county clerk’s store their public records. Not to mention, many may not be aware that in most counties in Oklahoma, a limited amount of public records from the county clerk offices are available online; for a price. It is a paid monthly subscription. I say limited because in many cases the records available online in some counties is limited back to a certain year. However, Payne County public records from the year 1806 forward are now available online for free. This is important for anyone needing to research records from out of county or even out of state, whether they be title examiners or genealogy researchers. This amount of record availability, in my experience, is extremely rare. Glenna Craig was exceptionally proactive when she initiated an ‘easily accessible records’ policy for the benefit of the public, especially to the degree in which she has accomplished it.

In my opinion, Glenna Craig is a county clerk worth retaining. Her attitude, disposition and behavior is admirable and enjoyable. There is nothing more genuine  than when someone you serve says this about you.

-Justin Carpenter
 Perkins, OK

Dear Ms. Craig,

I really like the new on-line system.  Being able to view unofficial copies of documents on line all the way from southeast Kentucky allowed me to solve a little mystery.  Thank you very much.”

-Gene Lovel

Had to share my gratitude for all the help and information myself and a friend received this afternoon in your office, Cathryn Christensen was so pleasant and….. with a willing and eager attitude (this was around 3:30PM on Friday afternoon) gave us a simple lesson in how a lessee can find out what is going on with her lease. Going so far to give us phone numbers,email addresses and printing up copies of my leases. Well it is now 4:33 PM and I have driven back to Cushing and Called the Corporation Commission and have been advised that a well was drilled in January of 2013. The drilling company sold it to another company and gave me their phone number. I have called and was advised to leave a voice mail which I did asking them to contact me. Thank you Cathryn…..look what you did!!! You empowered me to act in my best interest!!! I hope this brings you some satisfaction……… as it brought me JOY. My Grandfather who died in 1953 leased this in the thirties or forties. What a fun gift and again I am grateful. You are an educator informing the public!!!! Thank you.”

– Maryo Strong

I contacted Glenna Craig, via e-mail, to request property ownership information.  Ms. Craig immediately responded to my email (on a Saturday!), directed me to the specific website and provided phone numbers in case I needed assistance.  I was able to find the information that I needed very easily on the website with her guidance.  Payne County is very fortunate to have a County Clerk like Ms. Craig and a website that is easy to navigate.”

– Pam Thomas
Naples, Florida

Dear Ms. Craig:

I wanted to let you know of the courtesy and helpfulness of your Deputy Clerk, Cathryn Christensen.  My husband and I drove up to Stillwater last Wednesday to look up my late grandfather’s land mineral interest and Cathryn went beyond helping us.  She actually connected with us with an attorney named, Justin Greenfield who was sitting by her desk looking up records, who was able to help us determine that a well had been drilled.

We were very impressed with your office and wanted to thank you and Cathryn for your Oklahoma hospitality.”

-Howard & Sydney Watson
Ft. Worth, Texas

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